There are 6 recognised levels of ability in the English language:

  • Beginner

    Knowledge of some words and phrases but very little else.
  • Elementary

    Able to speak simply about general topics and use simple tenses.
  • Pre-intermediate

    Confident using tenses and know a lot of vocabulary.
  • Intermediate

    Knowledge of grammar and vocabulary is very good.
  • Post-intermediate

    High level of English and able to communicate on a wide range of topics.
  • Advanced

    Almost a near-native ability to speak English.

Choose the level of ability you think you may be at from the above list and then tell us about yourself in the application form. This will allow us to prepare the correct level of teaching aids before your arrival. Any special preferences will be considered so that we can work on these from day one. Remember, we are here to help you to improve your English in any way we can. We are a small family business dedicated solely to YOU. With a maximum number of two students at any one time, you are guaranteed a week of intensive one-to-one English.